So you (or your client) wants to be a guest? Nice! 👋

What is the Thrifty Titans Podcast about?
The Thrifty Titans Podcast is all about bringing razor sharp brand-building insights from the most badass founders, growth hackers & content creators in the whole wide world. Our show has been ranked as India's No. 1 Marketing Podcast & among the Top 20 Business Podcasts by Apple Podcasts.

What does your audience look like?
We have a highly discerning audience, and our numbers speak for themselves. More than 75% of our traction is from iOS devices from Bengaluru, Mumbai & Delhi NCR. A majority of our audiences are in India, followed by US, UK, Singapore & UAE.

What is the audience size of the Thrifty Titans Podcast?
The Thrifty Titans Podcast has a rapidly growing tight-knit audience of Indian founders, marketers, and startup enthusiasts. We are consistently ranked among the top business podcasts in India.

How do I pitch my client to be a guest on the Thrifty Titans Podcast?
We love hearing about potential guests and their stories! Please send us a pitch email at team@thriftytitans.co with a brief introduction of your client and their work. Please also include any relevant links and details about why your client would make a great fit for our show.

What kind of guests are you looking for?
We are typically looking for top media, SaaS and D2C sector experts, founders, investors and operators.

We select guests based on their experience, expertise, and unique perspectives. We look for guests who can provide valuable insights and actionable advice to our listeners.

What is your recording process like?
We record our podcast remotely via Riverside.fm. Guests are required to arrange for their own HD webcam/camera and microphone ahead of the recording.

How do I book a recording slot for my client?
Once we approve your pitch, we will send you a scheduling link to book a recording slot that works for you and your client.

Will the host provide a list of questions before the recording?
We do not provide a list of questions beforehand, as we want the conversation to flow naturally and be as authentic as possible.

Can I edit or review the final episode before it is released?
Our production team handles all editing and review of the final episode. We do not provide guests with the opportunity to edit or review the final episode before it is released.

Can I use clips or segments of the episode on my website or social media channels?
Yes, you are welcome to use clips or segments of the episode on your website or social media channels, as long as you give proper credit and attribution to the Thrifty Titans Podcast.

Can I suggest edits or changes to the final episode after it is released?
We do not make any edits or changes to the final episode after it is released.

How do you promote your podcast?
We promote our podcast through our website, social media channels, and email newsletters. We also work with our guests to promote their episodes on their own channels.

We are a tight-knit community of hustlers, creators & founders obsessed witn building our brands, our voices, our way.

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